Amazon Circulating 3D Smartphone

Amazon will release two models of smart phones in the next 3 months , and officially on sale in summer 2014 .

The news also mentions Amazon will launch its first smartphone . According to foreign media reports , that the electronics giant may already nearing the launch of mobile phone related .

U.S. technology blog BGR claims to have received the first smartphone photo leaks Amazon . As a related report , the body of this smart phone has 5 functions of the camera in front of him , in addition to the standard front camera , one each in the four corners of the phone body also pinned with a camera function .

Photo published on BGR the phone does not show the back of the smart phone , but the phone definitely has a rear camera , because the associated report states that the phone is equipped with a 6 camera .

According to previous reports , the reason Amazon equip smart phones with front camera 5 is intended to create 3D visual effects . BGR claims to have obtained relevant information from a variety of smart phones Amazon reliable sources . Photos leaked cell phone blog covered a protective shell , because it is difficult to see the specific design .

BGR says that in addition to providing multi front camera , mobile phones appearance with most other touchscreen smartphones in the market is not much difference . Mentioned , Amazon plans to release two smartphones in the near future , mobile phones are shown in the image above is one model that has a high-end configuration , while the other model is a cheap entry-level phones .

The related report reveals that the entry-level smart phones Amazon will not be equipped with 5 front-facing camera , so of course , can not provide a 3D visual effect . Wall Street Journal , TechCrunch blog The Information and the United States on average once made ​​a similar report .

BRG also revealed that Amazon’s high-end models have a 4.7 -inch 720p display and use the Snapdragon processor , the main selling point is no need to wear 3D camera interface . While the 3D effect is generated is provided by a front camera .

It is said that 4 front camera located in each corner of the four corners of the mobile phone front camera pinned with energy-efficient infrared cameras , it can track distance shown the human face with eyes , and through the Amazon software can disesaikan based perspective .

A source revealed that the 3D feature will be integrated into wallpaper and applications . Market estimates Amazon will release two smartphones mentioned above within the next three months , and was officially launched in summer 2014.

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